• United States

MSAADA was not originally created in order to serve projects in the USA, and we only got involved with such projects because in one situation we were specifically “demanded” to do a project in this country for a client for whom we had done a number of projects in some African countries.  And later when European organizations funding projects for churches and missions in the Developing World almost overnight all decided to at that time concentrate on programs (instead of brick and mortar projects), we were glad to be asked to do a few churches in the upper Midwest where the organization is located.

Thus, our work in the USA has involved new construction, renovation, and additions to existing facilities for churches, private residences, community centers, and commercial enterprises. These projects total, though, only a bit more than 85,000 square feet of new or renovated construction. We are ready to work with locally-based organizations, communities, and individuals as needs arise. Our past involvement has been inclusive of providing a full range of design services, helping our clients establish local consensus for their projects, and interfacing with local governing authorities and contractors prior to and during construction.

However, it need also be added that while MSAADA can serve projects anywhere for other non-profit organizations, we can in any given year only do projects for profit making organizations totaling max. 10% of our total fee income that year.

Our headquarters office is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To reach our US-based staff or visit our office, use the “Get in Touch” form below or see our Contact page.