• Uganda

MSAADA’s first project in Uganda was a substantial update to existing facilities for Kagando Hospital in Western Uganda (with about 100 beds) in the 1980s.  In that project, existing buildings on the campus (which were all made just from mud and sticks or were old structures meant for only temporary use) were replaced with more appropriate high-quality masonry structures.  Our work for that project resulted in our involvement in other projects in Uganda as a larger remodeling and expansion of the Rubaga Hospital in Kampala, a Roman Catholic hospital, plus a number of other projects for medical clinics, housing, and even a café.

Those projects were handled by the MSAADA Kenya office in Nairobi, Kenya.  But after that office was closed, we did not have any involvement in Uganda until we were asked to build and oversee the construction of a dormitory building in western Uganda, The Blue House.

Projects in Uganda designed by MSAADA still awaiting full construction funding include an housing development for single mothers and their children to stay in while they gain financial and social independence.