• The Salvation Army School Near Poirier
  • Poirier, Haiti
  • Client: The Salvation Army
  • Type: Education
  • Scope of Services: Concept Design, Construction Documents, Construction Supervision
  • Project Area: 744 sq m
  • Completed: 12/2014

Located near Poirier, an hour-and-a-half’s drive up the mountains from the nearest paved road, a new school designed by MSAADA for The Salvation Army provides education to children of several surrounding villages. Given the remoteness of the site, transportation of materials is difficult and expensive. Therefore, MSAADA selected an earthquake-resistant construction type known as the ‘Dhajji’ system for the school, director’s quarters, and church. Combining locally-available materials such as rubble stone, bamboo, and wood, the transportation cost of materials is kept reasonable while simultaneously benefitting the local community members who collect the materials. Upon completion of construction, the Dhajji wall’s structure is left visible, serving as a model for earthquake- and hurricane-resistant homes.

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