MSAADA’s project load in Tanzania totals more than 210 constructed projects, with a total floor area of over 175,000 m2 (or about 9 million square ft).

Of this, many have been education projects, ranging from smaller schools to larger colleges and universities. We have also been involved with many medical projects in Tanzania. One example is Bunda Lutheran Hospital, which was built as a new 120-bed designated District Hospital with all auxiliary service buildings and housing for staff.  In addition to smaller community hospitals, we have also done renovations and expansions of two of Tanzania’s four Regional Referral Hospitals. Additional projects in Tanzania for which MSAADA has provided architectural and engineering (A/E) services include community and youth centers, social and agricultural training centers, as well as convents, churches, seminaries, in addition to office buildings, as well as various housing projects and even some projects on behalf of the Tanzanian National Parks.

Currently, MSAADA has one expat architectural designer from the USA stationed in Tanzania. MSAADA’s return to Tanzania (after working there for decades prior) was due to some work on behalf of our client, New York-based Touch Foundation. Touch Foundation, with funding from donors in the United States, is doing expansions to a number of hospitals associated with the large referral hospital, Buganda Medical Center (BMC) in Mwanza. Our Tanzania-based staff’s roles vary from Clerk of Works on site for the BMC projects to overseeing development of new projects with other clients. We partner our associate Tanzanian office, Triple A Bukoba, as the local Architect of Record. To read more about Triple A, see below.


Our Current Work in Tanzania

In addition to the projects on behalf of Touch Foundation described above, our present involvement in Tanzania includes the initial phase of construction of KARUCO campus for Educate Tanzania. (add more about the project here)

We are also developing concept designs for projects currently in early stages of planning. Some of our work, in Tanzania and elsewhere, involves only preliminary planning and design with cost estimates in order for the local organization or church to seek funding prior to further design development.

Finally, MSAADA has completed concept designs, other initial planning, and design development for what will be the fifth referral hospital in Tanzania, located in Singida and serving patients from the western part of the country. True to MSAADA’s mission of local capacity building, an arrangement was made with the Technical University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania that professors and students there would create construction documents for the concept designs created by MSAADA. The first part of that project has already been constructed on the site in Singida.


A History of MSAADA in Tanzania

MSAADA’s first office outside of the United States opened in Tanzania in early 1980.

Prior to that time, MSAADA had previously worked remotely on a project in Tanzania, a Makiungu Roman Catholic Hospital near Singida.  But a large project came along that resulted in the opening of the MSAADA Tanzania office in Arusha: the Bunda College of National Education, which was built by the Mennonite Church (with German project donors), in order for them to reinstate their Bible School, whose facilities had been temporarily used by the government for the College of National Education.

With those two projects MSAADA’s presence in Tanzania increased rather rapidly. One reason for this was that given shortages of building materials in Tanzania at the time, MSAADA Tanzania also started providing services for importation of construction materials for projects, mainly from Europe and Kenya.  We also provided the “take off” services, or calculation of quantities of materials to be imported, for the local Tanzanian building contractors.


Building Local Capacity

Empowering local (indigenous) A/E firms in the countries where we work is one of MSAADA’s goals. To that end, almost 15 years ago MSAADA decided to close our office in Arusha and instead make an associate agreement with Triple A, a Tanzanian A/E firm, which has offices in both Arusha and Bukoba.  Triple A is run by two Tanzanian architects who both were trained in Europe, and who both had formerly been in charge of A/E offices within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

However, recently it proved necessary to change associate offices, which was therefore done for the first phase of a new Secondary School being built in Arusha with Kapwani Architects, which also has its office in Arusha.  Cooperation is therefore also being carried out now with that associate on some new projects for a Cancer Care Centre at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Moshi, Tanzania, where the initial project for an Inpatient Cancer Ward will soon be ready for commencement of construction, using an uncompleted structure that was to be a Plastic Surgery Unit as the initial construction for that new Ward.

To reach our expatriate or associate office staff in Tanzania, use the “Get in Touch” form below or see our Contact page.