• Forêt des Pins, Haiti
  • Client: Parole et Action
  • Type: Education
  • Project Area: 418 sq m
  • Completed: 05/2014

This school is the first educational offering in this community. Previously, students had to travel long distances to receive an education – causing understandable concern for the students’ parents. Parole et Action (French for “Word and Deed”) partnered with MSAADA to design and implement construction of this new school, dedicating both their and our efforts to building sustainable facilities to provide a quality education to this under-served, rural community. The school complex includes two classroom buildings, an administrative building and toilet building – each built using the Dhajji construction method, an earthquake-resistant construction type combining locally-available materials. The Dhajji walls’ structure is left visible, serving as a model for earthquake- and hurricane-resistant homes.

Galvanized by the new school, the surrounding community has renewed confidence in their children’s education and safety. Classes commenced September 8th, 2014 with almost 200 students in attendance!

Foret des Pins Student
“I like the new classroom buildings because we did not have one like this before. I can easily concentrate and it is very comfortable. When it gets too cold we close the windows and on a sunny day we keep them all open. It’s very cool.”

– Denniesse Joseph, 4th year student at the new school

Parent of Foret des Pins Student
“I am feeling at peace. I am no longer worried about the distance and the direction my children have to go in order to get an education. … Yes, we are very grateful for this school. As a result of this construction, many other parents will be able to send their children to school.”

– Madamme Bernard Bouzy, parent of four students attending the new school

Teacher at Foret des Pins School
“This new building has really motivated both the teaching staff and the community towards the education of the children. … [The new school] is a great accomplishment for the community. All parents are interested in the new construction as it has uplifted the community. Even parents from other zones are also interested in sending their children to this school.”

-Smith Bouzy, teacher of first graders at the new school