• Santhaipettai, Tirukoilur, India
  • Client: Danish Mission Society & Arcot Lutheran Church
  • Type: Spiritual
  • Scope of Services: Concept Design, Construction Documents
  • Project Area: 168 sq m
  • Completed: 1990

This church in Santhaipettai, India was built by the Danish Mission Society (DMS) for the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC) as a Jubilee gift on the 125th anniversary of the first DMS missionary coming to Tamil Nadu to found what would later become the ALC.

The town of Santhaipettai is an extension of Tirukoilur, a base for the Arcot Lutheran Church; for that reason, there is also an ALC hospital located in Santhaipettai. Thus, this church also draws parishioners from the hospital’s patients and staff.