• Total Projects: 4

MSAADA first became involved in Nigeria in the early 1980s when the Lutheran World Federation requested our consulting assistance on location in Nigeria for some building projects for the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LNC) located in the southeastern part of the country.

This later led to a request by a Danish missionary builder in the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN) that we complete design and construction documents for some new churches in Numan, Wukari, and Maiduguri, plus for a Tekan Guest House in Jos. The same missionary builder then supervised the construction of these projects.

But while these 4 projects for the LCCN are then to be added to what we earlier did for the LCN in Nigeria, those LCCN projects totaled about 4,500 m2 (or about 50,000 square ft), as they were fairly large churches seating up to over 2,500 parishioners.

The most memorable of the church projects for LCCN is the Church in Maiduguri, where foundations had already been constructed based on a previous design before MSAADA became involved with the project. But the client now desired a design that was more “churchy” than the original design that was used to lay out the foundations. This at first seemed quite a challenge, as the original floor layout was rather unusual. Fortunately, we were able to turn that into a quite appropriate and relevant design for that church, built at a university campus and which is now used by Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Anglican student congregations.

After MSAADA’s involvement with projects in Nigeria a couple of decades ago, we have in recent years got involved again based on having done concept designs with cost estimates for mostly medical facilities in that country, but also projects with buildings for educational and community opportunities for people in some villages and smaller towns.

The most prominent of the recent projects is a large hospital planned built in the central part of Nigeria and which is being planned for by a physician who grew up in that country, but who now is a citizen of this country.  However, he still wants to, so to speak, give back something to the country of his birth.