Although MSAADA completed a few projects in Liberia for the National Lutheran Church body back in the early 1980s, we became involved again in the country after its recent civil war, when we were asked to return primarily to do planning, design, and construction supervision/observation for the rebuilding of the Lutheran Phebe Hospital, which unfortunately had been looted just before the end of the war.  The need to rebuilding the hospital was especially dire because during the war, Phebe Hospital was one of only two hospitals in the country which were functioning most of the time up-country, the other located in the capital city of Monrovia.

A few years ago, MSAADA was asked to return to Liberia, when Dr. W. Gwenigale became head of Ministry of Health and Social Services, after he previously had been head of the Medical Department of the National Lutheran Church, our client at Phebe Hospital. Thus, MSAADA has in recent years provided architectural and engineering services for some of the renovations at the JFK Hospital in Monrovia, plus an Anatomy Laboratory for the Ministry, both of which have been implemented.  We also have done designs for the Ministry of Health for projects still awaiting funding, such as a National Reference Lab, a new Blood Bank, and the rehabilitation of some existing tuberculosis treatment centers, in addition to the conversion of a former ministry building in Monrovia into a pediatric hospital.

And most recently MSAADA has provided preliminary planning and design for an improvement and expansion of St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Monrovia, and we are working on the early stages of planning and design for a new General Hospital and Research Institute near Monrovia, which is being planned by a hospital executive who now is a US Citizen, but who wants to, so to speak, give some payback to the country of his birth.