Msaada was asked to come up with a conceptual design for a Mega Church for the Kanisa La Mennonite Church.  The building is planned so that it can be divided into 4 parts with removable partitions of wood panels set into tracks.  The whole is divisible into parts of varying sizes since 4 equal parts give little flexibility in providing spaces suitable for a variety of gatherings.  The new church building surrounds the historical church at two sides and retaining walls are planned to preserve the grades around the old church. The new 4000 capacity church is divided up from the worship platform(s)/altar(s)/stage(s) that are at the center of the building and can put together for one larger worship space.

  • KMT Mega Church
  • Musoma, Tanzania
  • Client: Kanisa La Mennonite
  • Type: Spiritual
  • Scope of Services: Concept Design
  • Project Area: 2815 sq metres
  • Total Projects: 1