MSAADA has designed about 90 projects that have been constructed in Kenya, with a total floor area of almost 70,000 m2 (or about 7.5 million square ft).  On top of that, as in other countries, MSAADA has worked on a large number of other projects for which we only did preliminary planning and design with cost estimates in order for the involved local organization or church body to be able to seek funding. Kenya was the location of our third African office, opening in Nairobi in 1984 following the establishment of our offices in Tanzania and Madagascar.

Of the many projects which MSAADA has been blessed to see materialize in Kenya, the large majority of those are either medical or educational projects, ranging from smaller schools to colleges or from smaller dispensaries or to a new eye hospital. Of MSAADA’s educational projects in Kenya, the expansion of Rift Valley Academy and West Nairobi School are both worth noting. MSAADA also designed expansions to a number of hospitals in Kenya including Tenwek Hospital, which has been considered Africa’s largest mission hospital.

In addition to medical and education projects, projects in Kenya for which MSAADA has provided services include community, youth, and social centers, as well as counseling centers, guest houses, churches, office buildings, and even a Christian Management Development Center.  See the project profiles for a Center for Street Children and also the Chemchemi Institute in Nairobi.

MSAADA’s decision to open an office in Kenya in the 1980’s was due to the facts that at that time, we were becoming increasingly involved with projects in a number of African countries outside Tanzania and that Nairobi is a definite air travel hub. Work in the MSAADA Kenya office quickly got off to a good start with an initial emphasis on doing projects up-country in Kenya plus in other countries, but we ended up doing also a good deal of projects in the Nairobi area.  The Kenyan office was also responsible for more specifically projects that MSAADA did in Uganda for a number of years.

In order to support that local indigenous architects and engineers would get more involved with our projects (as in Tanzania), MSAADA almost 15 years ago decided to close our Nairobi office and made an associate agreement with a Kenyan architectural and engineering firm, Ultimate Design, which later merged with the TMS Consulting Group.