• Ranchi, India
  • Client: UELCI, Danmission, Lutheran World Federation
  • Type: Education
  • Scope of Services: Concept Design, Design Development, Master Planning
  • Project Area: 6,800 sq m
  • Completed: 1996

When these new facilities for Gossner College were being planned, the institution already had about 4,000 students, but without having any actual facilities itself yet. The College was using teaching spaces in the local Lutheran seminary, plus some local secondary school facilities in the afternoons or evenings (after they were used for their original proposes during the day).

It was therefore a great pleasure to students, staff, and the community when the initial new facilities were opened and the College for the first time could use their own facilities for teaching.

Another interesting aspect of Gossner College is that it draws its student body almost entirely from the tribal population in the State of Bihar. Although today the caste system is supposedly officially abolished, those people are the lowest part of the Indian caste system (even below the so-called Harijans), so the college serves a very relevant need in today’s India.