Work on site for MSAADA’s project in Germany, the renovation of a 1,205 sqm building more than 500 years old for which MSAADA conducted renovation and restoration investigations and recommendation reports.

MSAADA was asked by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, World Mission (LCMS/WM) to make an initial visit to Wittenberg (where Martin Luther taught at the local university, preached in the Town Church, and nailed his famous 95 theses to the Castle Church door in 1517) in order to make an assessment and do a feasibility report about converting a Boys Secondary School that is more than 400 years old into a Ministry Center for various activities and different types of lodging.  After it was decided by LCMS/WM to purchase the old school, MSAADA also did some initial concept designs showing how the building could best be used for the functions to be housed there.

MSAADA’s most recent assistance was to assist with selecting the right local German architectural/engineering firm to do construction documents. The project is located centrally right next to the Town Church in “Lutherstadt Wittenberg”.

The Wittenberg Project: Learn more about the project and its history plus see photos of its current status of construction.