• Petit Goave & Cabaret, Haiti
  • Type: Other
  • Scope of Services: Design Development, Construction Documents
  • Project Area: 12,803 sq m

In this design-build project commissioned by the United States’ Department of State (DOS), MSAADA partnered with a Haitian contractor (construction) company to produce designs for two prisons, one each in Cabaret and Petit Goave, Haiti. Although generally, design of correctional facilities is not MSAADA’s primary focus, this project was truly a case of response to need. We introduced features to the design that allowed for more human dignity in the rehabilitation environment of the Haitian prisons (which are generally notoriously overcrowded and uncomfortable), as well as using more locally appropriate and durable construction materials and systems.

In addition to helping the contractor develop the project’s construction schedule according to the formal DOS requirements, MSAADA coordinated and led the design process between the construction team, its suppliers, and a civil engineer in Haiti, structural engineers in California, mechanical and plumbing engineers on the East Coast, and an electrical engineer in Minnesota, all the while keeping best practices for design and construction in Haiti in the forefront of the minds of the design team.