• Baltic States

MSAADA has been involved with projects in all three of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Our work first began there in the 1990s when we were asked to be involved with the planning and design of a couple of projects in Estonia and Latvia upon requests from the East European Missions Network.

Though we did not see any of these projects materialize, later MSAADA provided consultancy services to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) for a Lutheran Seminary project in Riga, Latvia, in order to get the project completed for a reasonable cost.  MSAADA had a similar involvement with a new Lutheran Church in Ozolnieki, Latvia (shown above), where we worked with Thoughts of Faith.

Later in Lithuania, we also provided consultancy services (again for the LCMS) on three church projects in Palanga, Jurbarkas and Klaipeda.

Photo: "Ozolnieki Lutheran church and Skolas street panoramic view" by Igors Jefimovs is licensed under CC BY 3.0