Executive Director and Principal Architect
Poul Bertelsen, RA & International Associate AIA
Poul came to Minnesota to start MSAADA in 1980. Prior to that he served 7 years in Africa as a missionary/architect, and he was until recently associated with Danmission. He was earlier a member of the Associated Danish Architects (ADA) and he is an AIA International Associate Member. His Danish registration to practice architecture is recognized in all European Union (EU) countries.





Assistant Director and Chief Studio Architect
Scott Williams, AIA
Scott has been registered to practice architecture in Minnesota since 1982 and is an AIA member. He joined MSAADA in 1986 and his experience includes being in charge of the MSAADA offices in Kenya and Madagascar.




Head of MSAADA Haiti

Andrew Ripp

Andrew joined MSAADA in 2010 and he was a year later put in charge of a new Haiti office.  He is therefore also the resident architectural designer of that office.