Design & Dignity

Design & Dignity
Design & Dignity: The Birth and Development of MSAADA Architects

by Poul Bertelsen

Design & Dignity takes you on an autobiographical journey of Poul’s architectural pursuits as a young Danish architect, the events leading up MSAADA’s founding and the many stories of MSAADA’s dedication to serving the poor in developing countries.

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Architecture Minnesota

Designs on Health: African Cure

African Cure: A hospital by MSAADA focuses on preventative care
January/February 1999
Vol. 25 No. 1
by Eric Kudalis

African Cures

African Cures: Working with limited resources, the Minnesota firm MSAADA designs medical buildings in eastern Africa’s developing countries
July/August 1994
Vol. 20 No. 4
by Eric Kudalis

Madagascar Connection

Madagascar Connection: MSAADA works within the styles of Africa
November/December 1993
Vol. 19 No. 6
by Scott Williams

Colonial India

Colonial India: Tranquebar, India Church of Zion
November/December 1991
Vol. 17 No. 6
by Eric Kudalis

Mud and Mortar

Mud and Mortar: A Minnesota firm responds to Third World needs
November/December 1989
Vol. 15 No. 6
by Heather Beal

ada bladet

Når der skal skabes af ingenting!
August 1995
by Fl. Holten Nielsen

Kirkebyggeri over kultur-og landegrænser
February 1997
by Fl. Holten Nielsen

Published Articles

Alumni Impact

Alumni Impact: The work of CALA alumni reaches throughout the world
CALA Works
by Stephen Streng

The Temple Completed

The Temple Completed
Journal of the Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art & Architecture
Fall 1995
by Poul Bertelsen


MSAADA…..A Profile of a Global Commitment
Spring/Summer 1991
by Charles Scott