Incinerator Hosting Structure at BMC

BMC Incinerator Process Collage

An old incinerator was no longer working properly and beyond repair at Bugando Medical Centre. Touch Foundation commissioned MSAADA to coordinate the installation of a new incinerator as well as design and implement a new structure surrounding the incinerator. The main challenges for the project included dealing with a compact site and ensuring proper staging of construction. DG Group of Companies, a Tanzanian Building Contractor, was hired to construct the building and did a good job following the planned construction phases, which included removing the existing incinerator, clearing the site, constructing the floor slab and retaining wall, placing the new incinerator (by using two cranes because of the compact site), and finally constructing the remaining portions of the hosting structure around the new incinerator. The new incinerator is now capable of properly dealing with medical waste at BMC.