New School in Foret des Pins, Haiti

Final inspections for a new school in Foret des Pins, Haiti for Parole et Action are complete! The school complex includes 2 classroom buildings, an administrative building and toilet building. Classes commenced September 8th with almost 200 students in attendance!

Teacher at Foret des Pins SchoolFirst grade teacher, Smith Bouzy, describes his experience with the new school buildings: “This new building has really motivated both the teaching staff and the community towards the education of the children. Before, we were motivated too but we would have very little students. Now we have much more…I am very happy to walk this path and give back to the community, by sharing knowledge and different skills for the daily living…it is a great accomplishment for the community. All parents are interested in the new construction as it has uplifted the community. Even parents from other zones are also interested in sending their children to this school.”

Fourth Grade Student at Foret des PinsThe students are equally pleased with their new community school. A fourth grade student describes, “I can easily concentrate and it is very comfortable. When it gets too cold we close the windows and on a sunny day we keep them all open. It’s very cool.”



Parent of Foret des Pins studentA parent with four children studying at Foret des Pins says, “The experience is very good. The children do not complain about the heat. They are very happy that they have a big space for their classes…I am feeling at peace. I am no longer worried about the distance and the direction my children have to go in order to get an education.”


It is so exciting to see these buildings be put to great use for so many students and families!