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There is a renovation of two existing wings of Bugando Medical Centre which includes an update in facilities and in programming of the centre.  One of the goals of the renovation are to create more space in the waiting areas and try to mitigate overcrowding while in the centre.  Alongside that the new facilities as well as the rearranging of departments will help to create a separation between patrons with different and more specific needs.  The design for the renovated level needed to balance providing multiple exam rooms while also increasing daylight and natural ventilation into the exam rooms and public space.  With the help of  Triple A LTD the rebuilding of these interiors of will help the centre reach an even higher level of aid in Tanzania.



USIAD originally commissioned this project of a surgical district hospital and the time has come to renovated and add on to the existing Sterilization department.  With Archview Consultants as the lead while in Tanzania, MSAADA worked alongside with the Touch Foundation to update their hospital.  The addition of a larger and updated sterilization area in the surgical building will help the hospital work more efficiently and stop the spread of after surgery disease.

Bugando Medical Centre is a large referral hospital in the region, which needed a new Mortuary. With support from Touch Foundation, the new Mortuary will both serve the hospital and be used as a training facility for medical students. The design was organized around two main entries, one for staff and students and one for relatives of the deceased. The layout of spaces allows ample circulation between the autopsy, lecture/exam room, morgue, and viewing rooms while also maintaining privacy for relatives of the deceased and separation for the building’s education functions. The next phase of the project will include paved roads and covered walkways that connect the new mortuary with the existing facilities at BMC.

Educate Tanzania featured MSAADA in their recent newsletter for December 2014. To date, Educate Tanzania has constructed eight of the university buildings and has the momentum and motivation to keep moving forward towards their vision of educating and empowering KARUCO’s (Karagwe University College) surrounding community.

Educate Tanzania Newsletter

Newsletter Excerpt:

ETI partners with “the most effective organizations in the world” and MSAADA certainly falls in that category. Competent , upright, hard-working, and caring architects are the norm at MSAADA. In addition, MSAADA has broad experience from which they can apply deep and important cultural understandings.”

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Haiti continues to have a concentration of projects, but our expertise continues to be put to use around the globe. Currently, MSAADA has active projects in many countries including those described below.

IND 49- English School at Padhar Hospital

English School at Padhar Hospital in Madhya Pradesh, India

In India, we are working not only on a new Nursing College project but also new facilities for an English School. Improvements are being made at the Sevamandir School in Tamil Nadu along with a good sized extension of a Community College for the Arcot Lutheran Church.

Reproductive Child Health Centre at Sengerema Hospital in Sengerema, Tanzania

Reproductive Child Health Centre at Sengerema Hospital in Sengerema, Tanzania

In Tanzania, we are implementing a number of hospital extension projects including a Reproductive Child Health Centre at Sengerema Hospital. MSAADA will be sending an associate from the Minnesota office to Tanzania early this year to support these projects and others in association with the MSAADA office located there.

SLE 11- Hope Centre in Sierra Leone

Hope Centre in Sierra Leone for Women of Hope International

It’s always exciting to work in a country new to us. Women of Hope International, an organization based in the USA, brought us on board to design various facilities for a Hope Center to assist women with physical and mental challenges to be built in Sierra Leone. The implementation of this project is still being negotiated.

Catholic University of Sudan in Juba, South Sudan

Catholic University of Sudan in Juba, South Sudan

In South Sudan, construction is anticipated to commence soon for a new Roman Catholic University in Juba. This project as been pending for a long time and gives us hope for a number of other pending projects to recommence around the world including those countries previously mentioned as well as Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria and Liberia.

There are many opportunities for financial partnership of persons or organizations in the USA with our Global Neighbors. Contact us if interested in finding a partnership that is right for you!

New Saron Elementary Boys' School project for the Arcot Lutheran Church.

New Saron Elementary Boys’ School project for the Arcot Lutheran Church.

MSAADA recently completed another school project for the ALC, for which MSAADA has previously completed over 90 schools with over 40,000 students. We look forward to additional potential projects to materialize in India.

Sengerema Hospital in Tanzania

Six Staff & Student Houses at Sengerema Hospital in Tanzania

The first six buildings for lodging of staff and students at Sengerema Hospital have been completed for the Touch Foundation in New York. We have also connected with a number of other potential projects in the Mwanza area for expansion projects of district hospitals.

United Methodist Church in Mzuzu, Malawi

United Methodist Church in Mzuzu, Malawi

A new church for the UMC in Mzuzu, Malawi has been completed and has opened its doors for worship.

Completed initial classroom building for University College in Karagwe, Tanzania

In Tanzania after the initial building at the new University College in Karagwe was completed, MSAADA has from January this year had Peter Leahy stationed in the Mwanza area.  That was arranged based on a request from the Touch Foundation in New York to assist with a number of expansion projects they plan on implementing in some district hospitals related to Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) in Mwanza.  The first 6 buildings for lodging by students and some staff at Sengerema hospital are scheduled completed by mid-July.  Peter Leahy has also connected with other potential projects in the Mwanza area for BMC and other organizations.

3 of 6 student housing buildings under construction at Sengerema Hospital in Tanzania

In India, another school in the ALC School project (where MSAADA earlier was the A/E on a project for rebuilding 90 schools with over 40,000 students) will soon see construction completed.   And there is a potential for other projects to materialize soon in that country, beginning with the first phase of a Nursing College for Padhar Hospital in Madhya Pradesh.

Construction underway for new school in the Arcot Lutheran Church project in India

In Ethiopia, a second housing project (for indigenous residents) at Soddo Christian Hospital is soon completed and a new UMC (United Methodist Church) place of worship in Mzuzu, Malawi, is soon completed also.

Poul recently returned from a trip to Tanzania and brought back photos of the progress being made on Phase I of Singida Regional Referral Hospital in Singida, Tanzania. Construction of the first two buildings (OB/GYN Department & Outpatient Department) is close to completion! These two departments, totaling 2,910 m² or approximately 31,500 ft², are a big first step to creating the 5th referral hospital in the country.

Outpatient Deparment entry & driveway canopy.

Concrete pavers being made on site.

View along driveway of OB/GYN Department & Outpatient Department in the background.

Verandah connection between OB/GYN & Outpatient Departments.

Construction of these two buildings is expected to be finished in the near future with plans to commence construction on the next two buildings: the Administration & Diagnostics Department and Pediatric Medical & Surgical Wards.

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