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It’s always great to see our designs and buildings in use post-occupancy. The organizations we work for serve wonderful purposes and to see their continued success with new facilities is a blessing.

Healing Hands for Haiti has put together a video sharing its journey, progress, success, and future goals. Take a few minutes to see what a difference they are making in Haiti.

MSAADA recently begun construction for a bilingual residential secondary school in Agyati Bafut, Cameroon. This school, a project of Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation (GSSLF), aims to “prepare students to build lives of economic and environmental sustainability through a process of sustainable learning.”

Good Shepherd Academy Water & Clock Tower

Good Shepherd Academy – Water & Clock Tower

The Academy will be built in three phases and when built in full will accommodate 400 boarding students. In addition to academic buildings, dormitories and administration, the academy also includes a dining hall/kitchen, chapel/assembly hall, health centre (serving both the academy and local community), maintenance workshops and storage, vehicle storage and service garage, teachers’ housing and soccer pitch. The academic buildings include classrooms, science labs, computer labs and library/media center.

Care was taken to maximize passive cooling and natural lighting. The academic buildings and dormitories are typically one room deep with covered verandahs and balconies for circulation. Courtyards provide secure natural gathering areas for students and faculty.

GSSLF plans to have Phase I of the academy built and open by September 2016. Visit GSSLF’s website for more information about their organization and plans to make a difference through education and sustainability.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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