Monthly Archives: October 2016

There is a renovation of two existing wings of Bugando Medical Centre which includes an update in facilities and in programming of the centre.  One of the goals of the renovation are to create more space in the waiting areas and try to mitigate overcrowding while in the centre.  Alongside that the new facilities as well as the rearranging of departments will help to create a separation between patrons with different and more specific needs.  The design for the renovated level needed to balance providing multiple exam rooms while also increasing daylight and natural ventilation into the exam rooms and public space.  With the help of  Triple A LTD the rebuilding of these interiors of will help the centre reach an even higher level of aid in Tanzania.



MSAADA is becoming increasingly involved with projects in South Sudan. A new 1,255m² Lutheran Church and Community Centre has foundations rising and a clinic planned on the same site will have the first phase starting construction soon. We are also in the process of revising plans for an Episcopal Multi-Purpose Centre originally planned for Malakal that is now to be located to Juba.  Construction has begun with site preparations as well as the laying of the foundation.

The CRUDEM Hospital is located in Milot, Haiti, roughly a 20 minute drive south west from Cap Haitian on the northern coast of the country of Haiti. The existing hospital is a full service hospital with inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital is planning to replace the existing PEDS / NICU plus admissions buildings with a new structure to provide a more optimal patient care environment and quality of environment with better light and ventilation. The design optimizes the patient care with move visibility by the staff professionals and support spaces plus an outdoor covered play area for the children. The new building will also integrate the admissions department for the hospital. The admissions section of the building will include a larger waiting area and charting / processing. The new facilities will be connected to the existing utility infrastructure of the hospital compound.  This project will also include a neighborhood of sorts with apartments as well as a chapel for the residents.

During the post Ebola recovery period of 2015/16 and along with the rest of the national health system, the hospital has been planning and implementing changes to its services plus considering how to strengthen and expand services to the community in the longer term. The purposes is not only to ensure a more resilient health care institution but to work towards a sustainable step change in health care improvement.   The Hospital aspires to be the leading centre of excellence in health care provision in Liberia with nationally known maternity, diagnostic and general secondary health care facilities and services.  This plan plans to take the centre from a good to great medical institution. Both current and potential future partners of the hospital, together with local communities are requested to support this Strategic Plan and its components in order that we can move forward successfully together towards 2021.

USIAD originally commissioned this project of a surgical district hospital and the time has come to renovated and add on to the existing Sterilization department.  With Archview Consultants as the lead while in Tanzania, MSAADA worked alongside with the Touch Foundation to update their hospital.  The addition of a larger and updated sterilization area in the surgical building will help the hospital work more efficiently and stop the spread of after surgery disease.