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Educate Tanzania featured MSAADA in their recent newsletter for December 2014. To date, Educate Tanzania has constructed eight of the university buildings and has the momentum and motivation to keep moving forward towards their vision of educating and empowering KARUCO’s (Karagwe University College) surrounding community.

Educate Tanzania Newsletter

Newsletter Excerpt:

ETI partners with “the most effective organizations in the world” and MSAADA certainly falls in that category. Competent , upright, hard-working, and caring architects are the norm at MSAADA. In addition, MSAADA has broad experience from which they can apply deep and important cultural understandings.”

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In September of this year, MSAADA produced a concept design for a secondary and vocational school addition to St. Margaret’s Academy in Arusha, Tanzania. The goal is to provide higher educational opportunities for Academy students and to develop “social and economic independence.” Friends of Africa Education has supported St. Margaret’s for nearly 15 years! They are currently working to secure funds by the end of the year to purchase thirteen acres of land for the secondary and vocational school.


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