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MSAADA’s staff in Haiti remains active with project implementation on behalf of several organizations involved in the country’s reconstruction and development.

Exterior of completed HHH Prosthetics & Orthotics Worshop Training Center in Bourdon, Haiti

Interior of completed HHH Prosthetics & Orthotics Workshop Training Center

Healing Hands for Haiti wheelchair assembly and guest house facility under construction

Some of the clients we have recently had the pleasure of working with include The Salvation Army, Healing Hands for Haiti (HHH), Healing Haiti (HH), World Vision, Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition, Johanniter International Assistance, Malteser International, The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, Haitian Roots, and Parole et Action. Two projects currently under construction for HHH include a new wheelchair assembly and guesthouse facility, where the ground floor slab is nearly ready to be poured, and a prosthetics and orthotics teaching workshop where the final coat of paint is being applied. For the Salvation Army, nine new officer residences designed by MSAADA are in various stages of construction, as well as a church nearing completion in Fond des Negres, and two schools in Luly and Poirrier that together will provide more than 600 students with fresh classroom facilities. For the latter school, plus a church and some quarters all located in the remote mountains south of Petit Goave, the design is based on the Dhajji method, which uses all local materials in remote areas for the majority of the construction. This system was introduced to MSAADA by the donor for this project. And although the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) are doing their own Architectural/Engineering construction supervision/observation of the large 250 bed, St. Francois de Sales University Hospital, we are glad that project is now under construction based on our design. The same is the case with a couple of schools being built by World Vision, and with a new school for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Gonaives with classroom buildings under construction.

Salvation Army church at Fond des Negres nearing completion

Salvation Army school in Luly, Haiti under construction

The Dhajji method of local materials and construction is used for this Salvation Army school in Poirrier, Haiti

Salvation Army church in Poirrier, Haiti nearing completion

Constructing reinforcing for Officer Quarters in Santo 8, Haiti for the Salvation Army

Construction underway for Officer Quarters in Santo 8, Haiti for the Salvation Army

St. Francois de Sales University Hospital under construction - Port-au-Prince, Haiti

St. Francois de Sales University Hospital - Construction workers preparing to lay concrete slab - Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The construction of a number of MSAADA projects in Haiti has recently been completed after a new Physical Rehab Center for HHH plus some temporary such facilities for Johanniter International Assistance were the first completed MSAADA projects. In March of this year, Real Hope for Haiti began operating out of their new cholera treatment center in Cazale, the only one serving a relatively large portion of the country. A new permanent physical rehabilitation center in Leogane, also the first of its kind in the area, is being used by Johanniter International Assistance to provide physiotherapeutic services and community outreach to persons with disabilities. Johanniter is also training several Haitian physiotherapeutic students at their facility. The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti’s existing facilities serving handicapped children in downtown Port-au-Prince have been renovated with MSAADA’s assistance; MSAADA also designed and supervised the construction of the new St. Vincent’s Prosthetics and Orthotics Center, including workshop and rehabilitation facilities, as well as a water purification facility that supplies clean drinking water to the center and the surrounding community.

Cholera Treatment Center completed for Real Hope for Haiti in Cazale

Cholera Treatment Center now in operation, the only one in that area of Haiti

Completed Physical Rehabilitation Center in Leogane for Johanniter International Assistance

There are more opportunities on the horizon for MSAADA to serve in Haiti. New schools for four communities are set to commence construction soon for the Salvation Army. Two additional schools for The Episcopal Diocese and Parole et Action are also being planned, and a new airport hangar in Port-au-Prince for The Mission Aviation Fellowship, an organization that flies supplies and personnel for missionaries to remote locations throughout the country. Last but not least, for Healing Haiti (HH) (whom we earlier designed a Village for Street Children for at Titanyen), we are presently doing a standard design for a Community Church which will be used to build a number of such churches after. Additionally, MSAADA has already provided concept designs and cost estimates for a number of other projects that also might materialize soon. And construction documents are ready for an extension of an Roman Catholic Hospital in Gros-Morne and a large Roman Catholic Church in Port-au-Prince which will soon be rebuilt.

Completed initial classroom building for University College in Karagwe, Tanzania

In Tanzania after the initial building at the new University College in Karagwe was completed, MSAADA has from January this year had Peter Leahy stationed in the Mwanza area.  That was arranged based on a request from the Touch Foundation in New York to assist with a number of expansion projects they plan on implementing in some district hospitals related to Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) in Mwanza.  The first 6 buildings for lodging by students and some staff at Sengerema hospital are scheduled completed by mid-July.  Peter Leahy has also connected with other potential projects in the Mwanza area for BMC and other organizations.

3 of 6 student housing buildings under construction at Sengerema Hospital in Tanzania

In India, another school in the ALC School project (where MSAADA earlier was the A/E on a project for rebuilding 90 schools with over 40,000 students) will soon see construction completed.   And there is a potential for other projects to materialize soon in that country, beginning with the first phase of a Nursing College for Padhar Hospital in Madhya Pradesh.

Construction underway for new school in the Arcot Lutheran Church project in India

In Ethiopia, a second housing project (for indigenous residents) at Soddo Christian Hospital is soon completed and a new UMC (United Methodist Church) place of worship in Mzuzu, Malawi, is soon completed also.