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Jeff Potts (who supervised construction of the Blue House orphanage) is back on African soil in Soddo, Ethiopia. This time he’s supervising construction of staff housing for a few doctors and their families. The plans are to build 1 1/2 duplexes. Thank you to Jeff for the following photos:

Foundation trenches for the staff housing at Soddo Christian Hospital

Concrete block making crew

Concrete blocks drying

The Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation Center for Healing Hands for Haiti is really coming together. Just today the crew was installing the skylight panels over the courtyard. The opaque panels are designed to let in light and keep out heat. Thank you to MSAADA Architect Andy Ripp stationed in Haiti for sending these current photographs:

Kalwall employees team up with Haitians to install the skylight panels.

View towards soon to be skylight from interior courtyard. Check out all that scaffolding!

View underneath skylight being installed.

View of skylight from rooftop.

All doors for the Outpatient Center are made by hand.

This is the ramp at one corner of the Outpatient Center. The concrete grill blocks let in so much light and air and cast beautiful patterns onto the walls.

How exciting it is to see these dormitories ready for residents! Grace Village is an orphanage mission of Healing Haiti. So far 40 orphans have moved into the new dorms. The vibrant colors, outdoor living rooms and huge playground make this home inviting and fun for the children that will live there. In addition to the dormitories, Healing Haiti has also completed construction of a dining hall, or what they call the “Feeding Center” where they feed the Grace Village residents and additional children every day.

Healing Haiti Grace Village Dormitories

Entrance to Dormitory at Grace Village

Check out their website Healing Haiti for great additional photos and video. Additional buildings including a clinic, school and church are being planned for Grace Village.

Just last year, MSAADA sent associate, Anne Hake, to Monrovia, Liberia to supervise the construction of two projects over a period of 5 months. The first project was the renovation of wards at JFK Medical Center in Monrovia, and the second was a new Anatomy Lab also in Monrovia. Both of these projects were for the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

Renovations of Wards at JFK Medical Center

New Anatomy Lab at Dogliotti College of Medicine

The conclusion of these two projects is not the end of MSAADA’s involvement in Liberia. We have several additional projects in planning including a Pediatrics Hospital, National Reference Lab, and Blood Bank.

MSAADA was contacted by the University of Minnesota to work in coordination with the Center for Sustainable Building Research and students to produce construction documents for a prototype house. An expo was held in Haiti showcasing houses from a variety of firms and builders and residents were to tour and vote for their favorites. Haiti is in dire need of permanent housing and this was one way to figure out the needs and wants of Haitians. MSAADA’s house ended up being just under an economical 44 square meters with additional front and back porches. The house has two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Front porch of house

Interior living room of house

Back porch/kitchen of house