Monthly Archives: October 2010

Before the January earthquake, MSAADA served on projects in Haiti for Healing Hands for Haiti (HHH) and Healing Haiti (HH).  Only HH had their project for a “Village” under construction (see 3D perspective below).

Grace Village in Haiti

HHH was still waiting on funding for a planned Physical Rehab Institute.  But after the earthquake destroyed all HHH’s outpatient facilities (with workshop), a larger project is now planned for a full new Physical Rehab Center with both inpatient and outpatient facilities.  The latter will be built first, as the International Committee of Red Cross has offered to fund that about 1340 m2 (almost 14,500 SF) facility.

HHH Project in Port-au-Prince

It is planned for construction of the HHH Outpatient Building to commence before the end of this year.

A project to rebuild St. Francois de Sales Catholic Hospital in Port-au-Prince is to commence construction on 01.01.11.  Logistics for that project have been rather complicated after 80% of existing facilities were destroyed in the earthquake.  But, the hospital management has done a great job, so the hospital so far has functioned on the existing site through use of tents, supplementing the few existing buildings which are still usable (at least temporarily).  But a new provisional hospital (using tents mostly) is now ready for occupancy, and the hospital will move there temporarily.

Hospital St. Francois de Sales in Port-au-Prince

Demolition work on existing site can then commence in order to get ready for construction of new buildings with a total floor area of over 10,500 m2 (almost 114,000 SF).  Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is coordinating and fund raising for the St. Francois de Sales Hospital projects for the new structures (which MSAADA is the A/E for), as well as building the provisional hospital.

Adding to our current projects in Haiti, MSAADA recently completed a design for a new Outpatient Department with Diagnostics Facilities plus Administration at the Alma Mater Hospital in Gros-Morne, Haiti. Coordination for this project up to this point has also been provided by CRS.

New OPD, Diagnostics & AdministrationNew OPD with Diagnostics Facilities plus Administration

at the Alma Mater Hospital in Gros-Morne, Haiti

With HH also planning a new Guest House, projects for that organization plus for HHH (ICRC), Alma Mater Hospital in Gros-Morne, and, not least, the Hospital for CRS will keep MSAADA very busy for the rest of this year.  But we appreciate the opportunity to assist Haiti in rebuilding in such a way that the country in the future will be less dependent on outside assistance than it has been in the past.